Upcoming Events

3/22/2014 Duke Bowl!!
GWU VSA is participating in Duke Bowl, a flag football tournament with other VSA's in the DMV area! The tournament will take place at James Madison University.


eboard 2014-2015

President: Laura Lai
Vice President: Emily Luu
Treasurer: Anya Le
Program Directors: Miranda Pham and Cam Tu Le
Secretary: Huong Anh "Annabella" Nguyen
Public Relations Officer and Historian: Alice Dang
Freshman Representative: Aiden Nguyen


Laura Lai

Class of: 2015

Majoring in: Physics

From: Germantown, MD

"Why VSA?": "I honestly didn't know what I was getting into when I joined VSA. I didn't know I would be joining a second family, and certainly didn't know that I would become a part of something incomprehensibly bigger than myself. To be surrounded by such passion about Vietnamese culture, community service, friendship, and family is the greatest honor. Everyone is so welcoming and warmhearted and I'm grateful for their love and support. VSA has come so far over the years and I'm so glad to have been involved in it. I hope our legacy of showcasing Vietnamese culture continues for years to come."


Vice President

Emily Luu

Class of: 2016

Majoring in: Biology

From: Anaheim, CA

"Why VSA?": "Family. Fun. Fostering. These three words encompass all that I've experienced since joining VSA. This organization has become a second family to me, and I cherish the fact that I can count on their support and friendship, both within and beyond the organization. Even as we're enduring endless dress rehearsals or "sweatshopping" for an event, we always find a way turn it into a fun time. You also can't forget the last "F": Food!"



Anya Le

Class of: 2016

Majoring in: Finance

From: Moscow, Russia

"Why VSA?"t: "People in VSA are the biggest reason I joined and still love this organization. Upperclassmen’s warm welcome and a family-like atmosphere helped me survive being homesick. Thanks to VSA, I met so many talented and inspirational people and made great friends! Joining GWU VSA was the best decision of my college life! "


Program Co-Director

Miranda Pham

Class of: 2016

Majoring in: Political Science

From: Columbia, MD

"Why VSA?": "My favorite thing about VSA is the amazing people who have become my family away from home. Everyone is passionate about serving the community and we're not afraid to be completely derpy too!"


Program Co-Director

Cam Tu Le

Class of: 2015

Majoring in: Political Science

From: Atlanta, GA

"Why VSA?": "I joined VSA because I wanted to give back to my community. Being a second generation Vietnamese American means empowering the next and next generation. So I joined VSA to contribute my identity to the organization. I like VSA because of the friends I made there, the opportunities to volunteer and be a part of a bigger community."



Huong Anh "Annabella" Nguyen

Class of: 2016

Majoring in: Business Administration

From: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

"Why VSA?": ""My executive board members understand my cravings at Lunar New Year and show me where to get Vietnamese food. Basically, VSA makes me miss home less and connects me with my country that is half the globe away.""


Public Relations Officer and Historian

Alice Dang

Class of: 2017

Majoring in: Business Administration, Marketing

From: Hanoi, Vietnam

"Why VSA?": "GWU VSA gives me a place to lean on on my darkest days. The upperclassmen were caring, welcoming, understanding and inspirational. Truly convinced of VSA’s goal and mission, I hope to give back any way I can and make sure people would feel the same way I do."


Freshman Representative

Aiden Nguyen

Class of: 2018

Majoring in:Business

From:Hanoi, Vietnam

"Why VSA?": "VSA is my home away from home. Around members of VSA, I no longer feel different and lonely in this place miles away from my beloved family and friends. Thank you, VSA!"