Upcoming Events

3/22/2014 Duke Bowl!!
GWU VSA is participating in Duke Bowl, a flag football tournament with other VSA's in the DMV area! The tournament will take place at James Madison University.



GWU VSA events are fun, food-filled, and almost always free. In addition to regular general body meetings, our organization also has fundraisers, other outings, and joint events with Georgetown University VSA. As members of both MAUVSA and GWU's Asian Student Alliance (ASA), GWU VSA supports all events through our associated umbrella or union organizations. Our biggest events from last year were our production Stories from Our Que Huong: We Should Never Meet (in December) and our College Prep Conference (in the spring semester).

Upcoming - Mark your calendar!
Duke Bowl Tournament! | 3/22/2014 | James Madison University
GWU VSA is participating in Duke Bowl, a flag football tournament with other VSA's in the DMV area! If you are still interested in playing for our team, or would like to come to Duke and to support GWU VSA, please contact Michael Cho (
GW VSA DONORSPLAY! | Every Week! | On Phone!
One of our fundraising programs for our philanthropy, One Body Village, is DonorsPlay Student Partnership Program, and all we need from you is 5 minutes a week! All you have to do is play a new game or application for 5 minutes on your phone. Each week, you will text our code “gwvsa” to 650-319-7142 and receive a link to download the application from either the IOS app store or the Google Play Store. Then, all you have to do is play the game for 5 minutes, and DonorsPlay will donate money to GW VSA’s CPP, One Body Village. It’s just 5 minutes, each week there will be a new link (we'll remind you!), and you get to play games!

Past Events

GWU VSA College Preparation Conference! | March 9th, 2014
GWU VSA recently held its annual College Preparation Conference. The College Preparation Conference (CPC) aims to prepare and high school students in the VA/MD/DC region, with a particular interest in Vietnamese American students, for college. GWU VSA held workshops that covered all aspects of college life (academic preparation, social adjustment, and financial aid) in order to help students have a smoother transition into college. Special thanks to our keynote speakers, Dr. Josephine Nguyen and Margaret Vo Brown. Thank you also to all volunteers and sponsors for helping to make this event possible. Finally, thank you to all of the VSA's from Virginia Tech, GMU, GU, UMD-CP, and ODU for coming out and participating in the VSA mixer at the end of the event! [photos]
GWU VSA Valentines Day Event! | February 17th, 2014
GWU VSA held its Anh/Chi/Em (ACE) event for the month of February. This month's theme was Valentines day! Anh's/Chi's and their Em's provided a sweet (or savory) dish for the event, and the event itself consisted of Valentine's day themed games! Prizes were handed out to winners of the games, and in addition, everyone was given a gift bag, which contained, among other things, sweets, school supplies, and bubbles! [photos]
GWU VSA GBM - Au Nhau/Trivia Night! | February 16th, 2014
GWU VSA held it's annual An Nhau/Trivia night GBM! Ăn nhậu" means to eat and drink in Vietnamese. For our event, VSA members and e-board alike shared in eating delicious snack foods, and playing some fun games! All in all, it was a fun-filled night, with awesome food and games for all participants! [photos]
MAUVSA Advance Conference III | January 24-26, 2014
GWU VSA attended MAUVSA Advance Conference, a three-day conference in Front Royal, Virginia. The MAUVSA Advance Conference is MAUVSA's biggest event of the year, and brought together over 270 students from VSA's under MAUVSA, and from a few VSA's in the DMV area. The conference featured inspirational keynote speakers, interactive workshops, an opportunity to meet with other students in the MAUVSA community, and, of course, a whole lot of fun! One huge and special thanks to MAUVSA for putting on an incredible conference! [photos]
VSA Annual Play - Crowning Achievements! | January 19, 2014
GWU VSA put on its 2nd annual production, Crowning Achievements. The show was a rousing success, with many laughs, heartfelt moments, and one incredible pageant! Special thanks to the entire cast and crew, all of our sponsors, and everyone who came out to see our show! Without all of these contributions, the show would not have been possible. Crowning Achievements truly was a crowning achievement for all those involved! [photos]
VSA Thanksgiving Dinner! | November 23, 2013
As a way of giving back for the year so far, GWU VSA hosted its annual Anh Chi Em Thanksgiving dinner! E-board members, and members of the Anh Chi Em (ACE) mentorship program helped to make food for general VSA members! In all, a fun and awesome family-oriented dinner was had, and members left, full and satisfied from their free meal! [photos]
GMU VSA Semi-Formal! | November 22, 2013
GWU VSA attended a semi-formal event, hosted by George Mason University, at the China Garden restaurant in Rosslyn. Semi-formal featured a full ten course meal, performances, and dancing to end the evening. More importantly, semi-formal helped with MAUVSA's collective philanthropy project, One Body Village, which is dedicated to ridding child sex trafficking in the Southeast Asian nations. All in all, GMU semi-formal was a fun night for everyone involved! [photos]
VSA Volunteering at Columbia Heights! | November 16, 2013
As a way of giving back to the community, GWU VSA participated in a volunteering event in Columbia Heights! Members of VSA helped to deliver groceries to the elderly at an apartment complex in Columbia Heights.Members and elderly alike had a wonderful experience delivering and receiving groceries, respectively. To top things off, members of VSA went over to Pho 14 in the nearby area afterwards and enjoyed some delicious pho for lunch! [photos]
ACE Program Reveal! | November 5, 2013
GWU VSA had its very first Ahn Chi Em reveal event! The "Anh Chi Em" (Brothers and Sisters) program is a fun program where VSA members are paired for advice, mentorship, and friendship! Rather than just a typical big/little partnership, the ACE mentoring relationship should be one where the Anh/Chi serves as a guide for their little Em. They are not only a resource for all things VSA, but also school, work, college, and life in general. After a fun icebreaker, Em's were revealed their Anh/Chi's by popping a balloon with their name on it! Congrats to all the Anh/Chi's and Em's, and we hope that the first ACE program will be big success! [photos]
Paris by Night Movie Night! | October 17, 2013
GW VSA took some time to unwind from midterms by watching a Vietnamese variety show while eating some snacks and just catching up on life! Much food, fun, and laughs were had!
Vietnamese Village at Asian Festival! | September 29, 2013
GWU VSA partnered with MAUVSA at the Vietnamese Village for the 10th Annual Asian Festival in Washington DC! We contributed to the event by giving out free glitter tattoos for the children! Also, our very own VP, Emmeline Ha, modeled an ao dai designed by "Ao Dai Thieu Vy"! [photos]
Pho Outing! | September 21, 2013
GW VSA went on a food-filled outing to Pho 75. Once there, members enjoyed some delicious Pho to brighten up the rain Saturday afternoon! In addition to the food, the outing was the first mixer for our Anh Chi Em (ACE) mentorship program! [photos]
DIY Tet Trung Thu Lanterns! | September 19, 2013
GW VSA celebrated the Tet Trung Thu Mid-Autumn Moon Festival by making our own lanterns! The lanterns were made by ironing together wax paper sheets with decorations in between, taping the pieces into a square, and adding a light in the middle for finishing touches. In addition to the lanterns, we had mooncakes and tea, and shared stories about the origins of the mid-autumn moon festival. [photos]
Mid-Autumn Children's Festival in the Washington Metropolitan | September 15, 2013
GW VSA participated in the 25th annual Mid-Autumn Children's Festival for the Washington Metropolitan Area at Thomas Jefferson High School. Our booth included a ball toss game and gritter tattoos! VSA members had a great time attending the event, and left with good memories, new friends, and a whole lot of glitter! [photos]
VSA Minute to Nguyễn It September GBM | September 2, 2013
VSA held our first general body meeting of the 2013-2014 school year, kicking things off with ice breakers, "minute to win it" games, and some delicious Vietnamese dessert (Che Thai)! VSA also announced fall programming, our annual play, and our new An Chi Em (ACE) mentorship program! Thank you to everyone who came out to our event! (including AU VSA!!) [photos]
VSA Alumni Barbecue | August 30, 2013
VSA held an alumni barbecue at Virginia Highlands Park, where current members were able to meet and catch up with some of our past members. Past and current members alike enjoyed a delicious barbecue on what turned out to be a nice and sunny day! Special thanks to all of the alumni that came out to our event, and also, to AU VSA for coming out to our event as well! [photos]
VSA Freshman Event - Cards Against Hunger | August 29, 2013
VSA held a special meet and greet event for freshman and new members! It was a fun filled evening which gave our newest members the opportunity to meet the executive board, and to learn more about VSA. We played cards against humanity, and afterwards ate some delicious Gỏi Cuốn. [photos]
The College Preparation Conference aimed to prepare high school students in the VA/MD/DC region, with a particular interest in Vietnamese American students, for college. We held workshops that covered all aspects of college life (academic preparation, social adjustment, and financial aid) in order to help students have a smoother transition into college. Some workshops were also open for parents so that they too can be informed and supportive of their children’s decisions. Overall, GWU VSA hoped to give back to the community by educating, guiding, and being a resource for the younger generation so that they can grow up to be successful, future leaders. [photos]
VSA had a fun filled field day, which included interactive competitions and games. The event concluded with performances, which included an umbrella dance, a modern dance, and a dance specifically for our VSA seniors. Shout out to UMBC VSA and AU VSA for coming out to our field day event! [photos] [Umbrella Dance, Modern Dance, Senior Dance]
MAUVSA ADVANCED CONFERENCE: Passion into Action | January 25-27, 2013
Several members of our E-board and general body attended the 2nd annual MAUVSA Advance Conference. It was a three day weekend event hosted by our union organization, MAUVSA, in which VSA's from DC, MD, and VA all met up for leadership building workshops and the opportunity to meet students from other VSA's under MAUVSA. The 2nd annual MAUVSA Advance Conference took place in Fredericksburg, VA, and the theme of the event was "Passion Into Action: Service, Empowerment, Leadership". [photos]
Stories from Our Que Huong: WE SHOULD NEVER MEET | December 9, 2012
GWU VSA was proud to present its first fall play production - Stories from Our Que Huong: We Should Never Meet. The script was inspired by Aimee Phan's book: We Should Never Meet. The story centered around two women (Lien and Kim), two time periods (pre and post Vietnam War), and two settings (Vietnam and Southern California). As the plot progressed, the play went back and forth between the two decades to elaborately tell the less publicized 'Amerasian' story, and the consequences due to how much Amerasians struggled to assimilate in both Vietnam and the United States. [photos and video of play]