Upcoming Events

3/22/2014 Duke Bowl!!
GWU VSA is participating in Duke Bowl, a flag football tournament with other VSA's in the DMV area! The tournament will take place at James Madison University.


anh chi em program

In Vietnamese, "anh" means big brother and "chi" means big sister. "Em", in turn, translates to little sibling.

GWU VSA is proud to implement the "Anh Chi Em" (Brothers and Sisters) program - a fun program where VSA members are paired for advice, mentorship, and friendship! Rather than just a typical big/little partnership, the ACE mentoring relationship should be one where the Anh/Chi serves as a guide for their little Em. They are not only a resource for all things VSA, but also school, work, college, and life in general. Participation is completely voluntary.

Who can be an Anh or Chi?
Any member who has been part of GWU VSA for at least one semester. As a result, they must be a college sophomore or higher. "Anh"s/"Chi"s must be willing to be welcoming and open to their paired Em. They should be geuninely interested in taking under this new member like they are their own actual little sibling.

Who can be an Em?
Any member who just joined VSA or any older members that do not have an Anh/Chi and are interested in one! "Em"s do not have to be freshmen and should be interested in gaining more exposure to VSA.

Meet Ups
Some kind of hang out/meeting between the Anh/Chi-Em should be arranged at least once a month to check up on how "Em"s are doing. In addition, there will be special exclusive ACE events throughout the school year for all pairs to attend.