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    These three aims describe the purpose of BPHSN. As we seek to form a connection with our counterparts at GWU, we also seek to set ourselves apart through focusing on the building of these main qualities in each of our members.

    In order to truly make an impact within the field of public health, we believe that an individual must do more than coursework. Education is obtained both inside and outside the classroom walls. We intend to take the experiences and lessons learned within the classroom and combine them with real-world situations through community service. This type of 'hands-on' involvement within the field of public health allows BPHSN members to establish themselves as true leaders within their communities, and continued work leads to excellence within their respective fields.

    As we reach and grow in number and name, BPHSN opens its arms to any and every person wishing to make a difference within our world. Regardless of standing, ethnicity, or GW affiliation, BPHSN has a place for you and eagerly waits for the input of interested individuals.

Only when we work together, can we create a healthier world, one community at a time....
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- Erika Purcell-Williams, Feb 16, 2010 02:26pm

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